Starborn Apparel was founded in Waltham, MA in 2017 by Jacquelin Frank and John Moore III. Jacquelin’s passion for creating functional, elaborate art sparked the birth of this company when she left the corporate world and dove into the festival scene.

Starborn is focused on bringing the adornment concepts from Jacquelin’s mind to life so it may be shared with the world. Rediscovering her creativity gives Jacquelin a feeling of empowerment, freedom, and vibrancy, thus it was something she wanted to share with the world. Everyone should be able to feel like the celestial being they are. Everyone should be able to connect with the enchanting universe.

Starborn Universe was incepted in 2019 when Jacquelin wanted to begin expanding out from just her own work and include the work of other artists. There were fellow artisans who share the same dream and goals, who have a similar or complimentary creative style, and who can help bring the purpose of Starborn to light. What separates us from other living beings on this planet, what makes humans unique? The imagination and the ability to create from it.


All life on this planet was birthed from the stars. Having an understanding of origin and thus a belonging to home is an important, grounding feeling. We want to connect people to their celestial roots and then empower them to express themselves so they may find their journey across this universe. Wether it be dancing with energy, adorning with vibrancy, or decorating with intricacy, our collective can help individuals surround themselves with the beauty of art, nature, and the mind.


We stand behind the products we provide. Every item sold is tested by the Starborn team before going into production so we can guarantee your satisfaction. If there’s ever a hiccup, fear not! We offer excellent customer and return services.


The artists featured in this collective are each selected for a reason – They bring their own unique art and skills to the table. You won’t find designs like these anywhere else. From fans & pins to clothing, our artists have created all one of a kind items.


Our products can be used for different activities or purposes whether it be flow, exercise, travel, costume, or fun. We want you to express yourself in truest form and feel comfortable doing it. The universe is your stage and there is no limit!