About the Founder

Jacquelin Frank grew up in the beautiful, quiet cow town of Groton, MA, running through the woods, imagining she was all types of magical beings. Graduating from RISD in 2010 with a BFA and major in illustration, she worked as a vector art illustrator and animator in the gaming industry for 3 years. Feeling burnt out on drawing and painting, she turned to other forms of artistic creation to fuel her fire. With her basic knowledge of sewing learned from helping her mom make her and her brother halloween costumes as kids, Jacquelin began designing and creating her own costumes to wear to shows and festivals. During all this she was working a full time job as a Lead User Experience Designer for a healthcare IT company. To follow her dreams and someday leave the corporate realm and share her art with the world through her own company, Jacquelin and her partner John Moore founded Starborn Apparel. Now she is working full time on her creative vision, traveling to festivals, and spreading her flame.

About the Company

Starborn Apparel was founded in Waltham, MA in 2017 by Jacquelin Frank and John Moore III. Jacquelin’s passion for creating functional, elaborate art sparked the birth of this company when she left the corporate world and dove into the festival scene.
Starborn in focused on bringing the adornment concepts from Jacquelin’s mind to life so it may be shared with the world. Everyone should be able to feel like the celestial being they are. Everyone should be able to connect with the enchanting universe.